Founded in 1997, Nathalie Yared Decorative Painting provides artistic mural painting services including decorative finishing and restoration of murals and frescoes. 

Using contemporaneous methods or traditional ones, whether for exteriors or interiors, our work adds depth, texture and personality to the work of interior decorators and architects.

The founder, Nathalie Yared has given classes at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) since 2004. She has also led various workshops at the Notre Dame University, the American University of Science and Technology, and the International College in Lebanon.

In 2002, the atelier started hosting classes for decorative painting, adapting the course to the diverse levels of the attending students.

In 2000, Nathalie created a line of painted furniture for children, that evolved into Sumi Furnitures in 2010. Toying with nostalgia, Sumi Furnitures is a furniture line made of recycled wood, or repurposed furniture, decorated with kitsch vintage retail brands from Lebanon and the levant region. 


Nathalie Yared and Mireille Farah have worked together since 1997. They have been joined across the years by Valerie Nseir, Elisabeth Moawad, Rita El Helou, and Rita Kerbage.


We cover various techniques, and adapt to the needs of the project; they include and are not limited to:

  • Murals 
  • Venetian Plasters 
  • Trompe l’oeil 
  • Color Blending 
  • Marbleizing 
  • Ragging and Travertine 
  • Gilding 
  • Gold Leaf Painting 
  • Metal Patinas 
  • Plaster Textures 
  • Wood graining 
  • Antiquing 
  • Crackle and Patina 
  • Stencils and Strokes


Our projects may be restoration projects or commissioned new design ones. In both cases, we provide design and consultancy over the style, the subject and the process.

Our restoration and reconstitution projects include antique murals, motifs and mouldings of traditional Lebanese houses of the late 18th century, as well as religious buildings.

Prominent Clients' List

Hotel, Restaurants and Clubs

  • Hotel Intercontinental Phoenicia – Beirut, Lebanon 
  • 4 Seasons Hotel – Cairo, Egypt
  • Albergo Hotel – Beirut, Lebanon 
  • Al Dente restaurant – Beirut, Lebanon

Retail Stores

  •  Obegi Better Home – Beirut, Lebanon 
  • Le Petit Point – Beirut, Lebanon 
  • Nada Le Cavelier Jewelry – Beirut, Lebanon 


  • Sabis International School – Adma, Lebanon  

Architects and interior designers

  • Amine Boulos
  • Serge Brunst
  • Karma Charafeddine
  • Fadlallah Dagher
  • Christophe Gollut
  • Marianne Mallat
  • Dany Mallat
  • Elie-Pierre Sabbag
  • Josiane Torbey